13 Aug 2014

Tonga school rugby goes on despite violence

1:59 pm on 13 August 2014

Tonga's secondary school rugby season will not be cancelled despite concern over a spectator fight interrupting a game last week.

The match on August 8th between Liahona High School and Apifo'ou College was called off after brawling ex-students marched onto the field.

The decision to let the season finish was made at a meeting between the police and the school principals to discuss the disturbance.

The acting police commissioner, Pelenatita Feao, says the problem is ongoing but the students should not be punished for other people's actions.

"These fights are not students, at the same time police of course does not ignore that fact that this happened during school rugby. So they have put in place a plan to make sure that police and each school are working together to identify who may not be a student."

Pelenatita Feao says students will have to wear school uniforms and extra police will be there to monitor the game.