12 Aug 2014

Lost flights impact CNMI economy

3:21 pm on 12 August 2014

The temporary cancellation of Asiana Airlines and AviaCharters DV flights to the Northern Marianas is expected to cost the local economy more than 30 million US dollars.

The Marianas Visitors Authority executive director Perry Tenorio says aside from cruise ships, airlines are the CNMI's only link to its markets so any disruption in flight services is bound to have a significant effect.

AviaCharters is cancelling flights from the beginning of next month until October the 27th make way for a new flight programme with partner Orenburgh Airlines, which means changing the plane being used to ferry Russian tourists to Saipan.

Asiana Airlines will suspend for seven days flights between South Korea and Saipan for violating safety rules in April when pilots ignored signs of engine trouble and continued flying to Saipan.