12 Aug 2014

Interest in Solomons Tina River Hydro

7:03 am on 12 August 2014

The Solomon Islands Minister of Finance and Treasury says there is keen investor interest in the fledgling Tina River Hydro project.

Eight potential investors who have expressed interest in developing the project took part in a recent project briefing in Honiara at the start of the tender process.

Companies participating in the event were from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Spain and Sri Lanka.

The Minister, Rick Hou, says the project, based on the Tina River in central Guadalcanal, is set to have a big impact on the country's economy not least because it will reduce the reliance on imported diesel.

"But also in terms of sustainability and reliability of power supply in Honiara and Guadalcanal, this is going to be - where there is a lot of economic activity - there is going to be much better outcome for the economy and the country."

The Solomon Islands Minister of Finance and Treasury, Rick Hou.