11 Aug 2014

Five arrested over attack at PNG's Ramu nickel mine

8:00 pm on 11 August 2014

Papua New Guinea police have arrested five men in connection with the raid and destruction of properties last week at the Ramu Nickel's Kurumbukari mine site in Madang.

Last week's attack by armed villagers forced work at the Chinese-owned mine to a halt for several days, causing significant damage to equipment and leaving five Chinese workers injured.

The damage to properties was estimated at nearly 7 million US dollars.

The newspaper, The National, reports that the five suspects understood to be the main instigators in the attack have been arrested and refused bail by police.

At least two of the suspects are believed to be employees at the mine.

Papua New Guinea Mining Minister Byron Chan

Papua New Guinea Mining Minister Byron Chan Photo: AFP

Police say three people who were arrested and locked in a shipping container at the mine site on Thursday were later freed by their relatives who cut open the locks when police left the area.

PNG's Mining Minister Byron Chan is to visit the mine site this week