11 Aug 2014

Fiji government got 'carried away' with casino

11:06 am on 11 August 2014

The leader of Fiji's National Federation Party says the government got carried away with a plan for a casino in the country.

Professor Biman Prasad says he's not surprised by news that the developer of Fiji's first casino has sold its stake to another party.

The government announced late in 2011 that One Hundred Sands would build the casino, however construction hasn't started.

Mr Prasad says real foreign investment in the country has remained low and the government's own policies have impacted investor confidence.

He says it shows a lack of competence on part of the government that it was so easily wooed by the developer.

"To get carried away by these so-called investors and I think there's been a number of instances where investors have come up, and there's big media coverage and the government's seen celebrating the proposals, rather than the actual implementation."

The National Federation Party leader, Biman Prasad.

The government and developer have not responded to requests for comment.