8 Aug 2014

Resumption at PNG's Ramu mine after attack

4:19 pm on 8 August 2014

The Chinese-owned Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea has resumed production three days after an attack by armed villagers forced work to a halt.

The Reuters news agency reports a Chinese embassy official in PNG confirming the resumption following an attack in which equipment including nine excavators, a fuel truck and a lighting vehicle were burned and five Chinese workers injured.

The two billion US dollar mine is operated by Ramu NiCo, which is majority owned and run by Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd.

The Chinese embassy in PNG says police assisted in restoring calm following the attack.

The embassy has made an urgent request to the PNG government to take immediate measures to prevent the violence from recurring and ensure the safety of Ramu NiCo personnel and properties.

Local media reports indicate that the attack may have been sparked by local concerns about the company's hiring policies for mine workers, many of whom are Chinese.