7 Aug 2014

Flosse skips Senate job on full pay

3:44 pm on 7 August 2014

A French Polynesian newspaper has identified Gaston Flosse as the only member of the French Senate not to have worked a single day in the past year.

La Depeche de Tahiti says while Flosse was on full pay, he failed to attend any sittings or commission meetings, asked no questions and wrote no reports.

It says records show that he at the same time drew a taxpayer-funded salary of 7,400 US dollars a month.

In addition Flosse was paid 18,000 US dollars a month in allowances which he in part used to hire his partner, Pascale Haiti, as an assistant.

Flosse, who last year was returned to the territory's presidency, has been a Senate member for 16 years.

Last month, France's highest court stripped him of all political offices as part of a sentence for massive corruption.

The French government, however, decided not to serve the verdict, saying it can wait until Francois Hollande has considered pardoning him.