6 Aug 2014

Vanuatu govt to review citizenship sales

8:11 pm on 6 August 2014

The Vanuatu government says it remains provisionally committed to the Capital Investment Immigration Plan but that it will be reviewed.

The CIIP, which was established at the start of the year, looked to raise government revenue through citizenship sales.

By last month, sales had approached half a million US dollars, but the plan has met with accusations of political interference, as well as teething problems associated with Chinese nationals not being able to have dual citizenship.

The Implementation of the CIIP was one of the areas of concern for those MPs who toppled the government of Moana Carcasses in May.

His replacement as Prime Minister, Joe Natuman, says the plan should be reviewed because of concerns that citizenship is being sold too cheaply, constituting a threat to Vanuatu's sovereign identity.

Mr Natuman says reaffirming support for the plan is subject to a CIIP Taskforce and the Finance Ministry negotiating with the Vanuatu Registry Service and the Hong Kong-based agent for the CIIP scheme.