28 Jul 2014

Niue's tourism plan defended

8:31 pm on 28 July 2014

The Niue Tourism Authority Board says it is confident the country's new strategic plan for tourism outlines a clear path for substantial growth.

Niue wants to increase visitor numbers next year by nearly 70 percent to 10,000.

The new plan, called Tourism Unleashed, was written by an Auckland photographer with links to Niue, Charles Cooper, and prompted the resignation of the board's chairperson, Teressa Scott, earlier this month.

Ms Scott criticised the plan for having goals that were too broad and its failure to understand annual budgets.

But the acting chairperson of the board, Sonya Talagi, says she's certain the plan will develop Niue's tourism.

"I'm comfortable and confident with this plan in that it is an evolution of the past plan. I think we are trying to hone in not only on efficiency but also on the type of visitor that comes to Niue."

Sonya Talagi says the board's implementation plan and a subsequent marketing plan will detail how Niue will attract the additional tourists.