22 Jul 2014

Hybrid Goat trial to start in Vanuatu

8:44 am on 22 July 2014

A reserach trial is soon to get underway in Vanuatu to assess how adaptable a breed of Tanna goat is to changes in climate.

The trial, which is financed by the National Agricultural Research Institute of Papua New Guinea, will bring five hybrid goats from Tanna to the more humid island of Efate.

A livestock officer, Michael Collin, says Tanna goats can produce up to four goats while other breeds in Vanuatu produce only two.

"We try to make sure that this high-production or high-yield goat can perform. If they can perform under this high humid then the department of livestock will introduce it to other farmers in different islands of Vanuatu."

Michael Collin says if the Tanna goats adapt to the change in heat and reproduce well then they may also be introduced to other countries in the Pacific region.

A goat

A goat Photo: AFP