18 Jul 2014

Tongan independent MP focuses on development

7:46 am on 18 July 2014

The Tongan MP Sitiveni Halapua says he wants to focus more on development issues as he campaigns as an independent for this year's election.

Dr Halapua and three other MPs have been dropped from the candidates list for the Democratic Party.

He says his differences with the party have been evident for two years and stem from ideological divergence.

Dr Halapua says there's a danger in focussing too much on the changing shape of Tonga's democratic institutions.

"And my idea centres around the idea of kafataha which is basically a government of national balance. Because I believe that neglecting the ideas of development generates conflict and serious instability that we now know most of the countries of the pacific islands are facing. And I really weant Tonga to avoid that."

Sitiveni Halapua says he wants to focus more on addressing what he calls Tonga's development crisis in areas like education and health.