15 Jul 2014

Three Papuans killed in Abepura

7:35 pm on 15 July 2014

Reports emerging from Indonesia's Papua province indicate that three civillians were killed by security forces in response to a riot which stemmed from a police shakedown on an illegal gambling den.

West Papua Media reports that three West Papuans from the Yali tribe who were students residing in the provincial capital were killed when a riot broke out at Youtefa market in Abepura.

The market was the scene of a gambling ring which local police allegedly routinely tolerate in return for a cut of proceedings to supplement their salary.

However, on July 2nd at the market, a melee broke out when police were attempting a shakedown on the gambling operators and a police officer was stabbed.

In response, according to ground reports, a police squad squad attacked a group of civillians, injuring several and killing three.

Indonesian police refused several attempts by WPM to provide a response to these allegations.

It says arbitrary arrests, shootings and unprovoked beatings on civilians by security forces intensified ahead of the July 9 Indonesian presidential election.