8 Jul 2014

ADB wharf upgrade underway in Solomons

4:47 pm on 8 July 2014

Work is underway in Solomon Islands to upgrade Tatamba Wharf in Santa Isabel province to make it safer and improve access.

It is one of four wharves and a landing ramp being improved under the Asian Development Bank's Domestic Maritime Support Project.

The Bank says the new wharves are designed to be less vulnerable to climate change and natural hazards.

The upgrade of Tatamba Wharf will involve demolishing the existing wharf and building a new reinforced concrete wharf which will be higher in order to minimise the impact of waves and debris.

An ADB spokesperson says by better connecting Huali Bay to other parts of Solomon Islands, the upgraded wharf will also help boost access to jobs, especially for youth in the area.

So far, the Domestic Maritime Support Project has rebuilt eight wharves and two landing ramps in five Solomon Islands provinces.

The project is funded by the Solomon Islands Government, the ADB, the Australian Government and New Zealand Aid Programme.