5 Jul 2014

Sport: Marshalls eye weightlifting records

9:17 am on 5 July 2014

The Marshall Islands weightlifting team is confident of breaking multiple records at the Micronesian Games in Pohnpei later this month.

National weightlifting coach Terry Sasser says their team of lifters, most of whom are teenagers, have broken nine Micronesian Game records during practice sessions in Majuro.

The 10-member team is led by two teenagers who've shined in regional competition during the past year.

17 year old Mathlynn Jacob-Sasser won one silver and four gold medals competing in the 58kg class at the combined Oceania Championships and South Pacific Championships last year in Australia.

19 year old Lomina Tibon won four gold medals in the 48kg class at the Oceania and South Pacific Championships in May in New Caledonia.

The Marshall Islands is sending a team of160 athletes to the Micronesian Games, which run from July the 20-30th.