3 Jul 2014

Science scholarships for Samoan teachers

5:03 pm on 3 July 2014

The University of the South Pacific says it hopes more Samoan students will be encouraged to study science as it upgrades the qualifications of teachers with a new programme.

The Samoan government is offering 60 scholarships for existing science teachers with teaching diplomas so they can work towards bachelor of science degrees.

The coordinator of the USP's science teachers accelerated programme, Dr Bibhya Sharma, says the new scheme was initiated by the Samoan government which expressed a genuine need for more scientists in the region.

"What is seen at the moment is that many students are hesitant to take science in the region. And one of the reasons would be that we don't have many science teachers."

Dr Bibyha Sharma says some of the tuition will be available through distance learning so the the teachers can work on their degrees while they continue to teach their high school classes.