30 Jun 2014

E-data from Pacific fishing vessels analysed

5:03 pm on 30 June 2014

Eighty days worth of data from two Taiwanese fishing vessels is being analysed to determine the value of a new electronic monitoring system.

The pilot system uses high-definition video cameras, GPS and a central unit to record activity on longline fishing vessels and is being compared to the records of observers onboard.

A consultant for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Malo Hosken, says he hopes the recorded data will match the observers' reports.

"We anticipate that it will be very similar although at this stage one of our main concerns is getting precise fish measurements which is a bit tricky with the system we have in place so we'll probably get estimates a bit under what a normal observer would obtain."

Malo Hosken says the information collected will allow scientists and managers to provide scientific advice to Pacific countries to help them ensure sustainable fishing.