30 Jun 2014

American Samoa govt urged to help canneries

2:21 pm on 30 June 2014

A task force says the American Samoa government needs to help stabilise the costs for tuna canneries operating in the territory.

The task force's economic plan, designed to boost economic growth in American Samoa, says the territory has limited land for expansion and the StarKist Samoa cannery says it wants to expand, but needs help.

The task force has recommended a special committee look at options for expansion, including government land.

The StarKist company is planning up to 1000 additional jobs by 2016, along with a new freezer, but that will require more land.

The task force says the government also needs to assist StarKist as well as Tri Marine International to complete their rebuilding works.

It also recommends the government help in the recruitment and training of cannery workers.