26 Jun 2014

French Polynesia's Temaru renaming roads to embarrass rivals

2:36 pm on 26 June 2014

The former president of French Polynesia, Oscar Temaru, plans to name the roads leading to the prison in Faa'a, where he is mayor, after Gaston Flosse and Jacques Chirac.

The publisher of the Tahiti-Pacifique magazine, Alex du Prel, says it is a political move to suggest the current president, Mr Flosse, and former French president Chirac, are criminals.

"Mr Temaru said he's the mayor of Faa'a so he can ask his city council to vote to name the road that goes to the prison Gaston Flosse Jacques Chirac. He explains it would be a proper name because both Mr Flosse and Mr Chriac have been many times condemned."

Alex du Prel says Mr Flosse has said he will take legal action if the renaming goes ahead.

He says Mr Temaru and Mr Flosse have been long-time political enemies and such mud-slinging should be taken with a grain of salt.