26 Jun 2014

Kiribati editor says media might encourage 'copycat' crimes

2:36 pm on 26 June 2014

The editor of the Kiribati Independent says he is worried local media reports might play a role in encouraging copycat violent crimes.

Five women have been killed in the past six months in Kiribati, all allegedly by their partner or former partner.

Taberannang Korauaba says he believes journalists should stop reporting the details of violent deaths.

He says the media needs to be aware of the possible implications of their reporting especially in a small island nation like Kiribati.

"We spend a lot of time telling stories about how the women were killed. I think that is unfair. We need to be looking at how we can balance the stories so we can empower women and we can empower society that this is not right and everyone can stand up against men who are committing such crimes."

Taberannang Korauaba says media in Kiribati are going to start working together to raise awareness about violence prevention and the law - rather than putting emphasis on the crime itself.