23 Jun 2014

Some coconut cream could be "deceptive"

6:50 am on 23 June 2014

Consumer New Zealand says coconut cream labels with Samoan words, imagery and terms on them, but are made in Asia, could be seen as misleading and deceptive.

The Samoan government has filed a complaint to the New Zealand Commerce Commission about Asian-made coconut cream being sold in the country.

The chief executive officer, Sue Chetwin, says this is a Fair Trading Act issue.

"If it's misleading and it's deceptive to New Zealand consumers then it is a Fair Trading Act issue. If it's really hard to find that it was made in Thailand and everything about the can suggests it was made somewhere else that may still be misleading and deceptive."

Consumer New Zealand's Sue Chetwin.

The Commerce Commission says it cannot comment on the issue until its investigations have been completed.

Acton International Marketing Limited, a New Zealand based company which markets Fia Fia coconut cream, says its labelling clearly states it is produced in Thailand.

It says it is not passing off where it is made and has put forward its argument to the Commerce Commission.