20 Jun 2014

Samoa farm project could be replicated

10:46 am on 20 June 2014

A village garden project in Samoa, now supplying most of the resorts and hotels, could be replicated around the country.

The Poutasi Farm was set up in 2010 with the help of the Tindall Foundation and New Zealand aid through the Volunteer Service Abroad, and facilitated by the village's paramount chief, Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale.

The International Programme Manager at VSA, Junior Ulu, says the villagers have become empowered to make a living for themselves and now higher demand means the idea could be used in other villages.

"They've got regular customers that buy produce that's not available in Samoa, it's rocket, it's different salad mixes that aren't readily available but it's what local tourists want, local chefs want to cook with so I mean there's a big market but there's not a lot of growers. It's in Poutasi, in the village and it's providing employment to the locals."

Junior Ulu says the project is also funding a local art centre and providing lunches for the primary school.