18 Jun 2014

Tonga Govt called on to be more transparent

11:09 am on 18 June 2014

The Tonga Chamber of Commerce says the government needs to give security to the private sector by setting clear rules on licences, and sticking to them.

The Chamber's President, Aloma Johansson, says the Tongan government has been at its best in the last few years, but can do better in its dialogue with industry representatives, particularly in manufacturing and agriculture.

She says part of that conversation is to ensure that there are transparent rules on tender processes and licensing, and the same rule applied to all.

"Rules need to apply to everybody. And that has to do with issuing certain licences to certain individuals and organisations that perhaps maybe shouldn't have received it. This is a concern, a direct concern, that has come out from these two industries, economic sectors, the manufacturing and the agriculture."

Aloma Johansson says the government needs to dialogue closely with industry representatives to ensure the new budget is applied fairly to all.