13 Jun 2014

Vanuatu hopes Australia will reassess kava ban

4:14 pm on 13 June 2014

A group that represents kava growers on Pentecost island in Vanuatu is hopeful a German court overturning a ban on kava, will convince Australia to do the same.

Germany's 12 year ban on products containing kava has been found to be unlawful and inappropriate by Germany's Federal Administrative Court.

Australia bans the commercial importations of kava, except for medical or scientific purposes.

The managing director of the Huhugaituvwa Association of Pentecost, Rosemary Leona, says being such close neighbours it's hoped Australia will reassess its kava restrictions as well.

We've got a big group of Pacific Islanders in Australia that love their kava. It would be really beneficial, Australia is close to us and I really do hope that Australia removes the ban and enjoys the kava like the ni-Vanuatu or other Pacific Islanders do.

Rosemary Leona says kava is the main cash source for the people of Pentecost, and the German ban lift is great news for farmers and all of Vanuatu.