13 Jun 2014

NFP lays out vision for Fiji's future

8:04 am on 13 June 2014

The leader of Fiji's National Federation Party says Fiji can have a quality of life to rival New Zealand's.

With just 3 months to promised elections, Professor Biman Prasad has outlined his vision in a speech in Suva.

Don Wiseman has more:

"Professor Prasad says it is within Fiji's grasp to do better than New Zealand by 2030. Mr Prasad, in his vision for Fiji, says by 2030 it will be a free nation, absolutely confident in its diversity, celebrating it and reaping the benefits of growth. He says the country's hospitals, schools and incomes will be on par with New Zealand. But he told his business audience that this will not happen in an atmosphere of intimidation and governance that stifles voices and weakens the rule of law. Mr Prasad says the NFP wants; a strong economy, world class health care, fairness in the legal system, a high skilled military, an I-Taukei community that is confident and secure, gender equality, a pristine environment and a media that protects the country's freedoms."