11 Jun 2014

Leprosy awareness up in Solomon Islands

6:38 pm on 11 June 2014

The Solomon Islands leprosy advocacy officer at the Ministry of Health says there have been 24 cases of the disease reported so far this year.

Oliver Mepela says many of the patients with known leprosy lived along one of the rivers in Honiara and are now living in evacuation centres where there is increased surveillance of health conditions by nurses.

He says the number of newly diagnosed cases he has a record of in the centres is six and three of these are children.

Some of them are new ones. We have just recorded a few cases, up to around six, these cases are taken from the evacuaton centres, and they are mostly relatives of those who have been affected prior to the disaster.

Oliver Mepela says all the patients known to have leprosy are receiving ongoing treatment at health centres.