10 Jun 2014

Graphic novel about West Papua released online

5:54 pm on 10 June 2014

A graphic novel advocating West Papuan independence has been released online, as part of efforts to provide an alternative version of the history of the Indonesian-run province.

The illustrated novel, which is called Vanishing Tribes: Unheard Voices from West Papua, is authored under the penname Ahinsa Angel, which means messenger of peace.

The project's manager, who does not wish to be named, says most people don't know that West Papua exists and cannot find it on a map.

He says the project's main objective is to publicise the story of West Papua around the world and encourage readers to lobby their governments.

"I would like them to feel strongly enough after reading the book that they will take some action and hopefully influence those government policies so that their governments stop providing the military and diplomatic and financial support that really enables Indonesia to carry on the way they have been."

The project manager for Vanishing Tribes, who does not wish to be named, says West Papua is a militarised democracy.

To view the novel, go to www.vanishingtribes.net