6 Jun 2014

Niue policeman assaulted during Key visit

3:30 pm on 6 June 2014

The Niue chief of police says a man was arrested during a visit by the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key because he assaulted a police officer, not because he was protesting.

The man was held for the duration of Mr Key's day long visit for reasons he says relate to a protest at the Chamber of Commerce.

He had placed placards along the road Mr Key was to travel from the airport, protesting about a land rent issue and lack of government action over recycling.

The chief of police, Tony Kose, says the man was arrested for pushing an officer, not for the placards.

"During the time he was spoken to he got a bit unhappy about him staying where he was so he decided to take the law into his own hands and assaulted a police officer."

Tony Kose says the matter is under investigation.