6 Jun 2014

No charges in American Samoa over abandoned baby

10:46 am on 6 June 2014

In American Samoa, there will be no charges filed in the case of a baby who was reported to have been abandoned in Auto more than a week ago.

Acting Commissioner of Public Safety, Save Liuato Tuitele, says the Attorney General's Office has decided not to pursue any criminal charges in the matter.

Save says it's his understanding that the baby was not abandoned.

Rather, the mother gave birth to the child and then reported to police that she found the baby abandoned.

Later the mother, a college student, confessed to police that the baby was hers.

Our correspondent says the mother was apparently scared of her parents that she made up the story.

Save says he is awaiting a final police report on the matter but he views this as a closed case.

The acting police commissioner said he was told both the baby and mother were at the LBJ Hospital and were doing fine.