5 Jun 2014

New Caledonia gets new government

2:56 pm on 5 June 2014

New Caledonia's Congress has chosen the territory's new 11-member government following last month's election.

In line with a post-election deal within the anti-independence camp, the Congress has proceeded to choose Cynthia Ligeard as the new president.

She is the second woman to secure the top post after Marie-Noelle Themereau ten years ago.

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Photo: Congres Nouvelle Caledonie

Under the collegial system, six ministries have been attributed to the anti-independence side and five to the pro-independence side.

The vice-presidency has not been immediately filled because of discord within the pro-independence side in the northern province.

The power-sharing deal has seen Gael Yanno become the Congress president late last month after the biggest party emerging from the election, Caledonia Together, secured the presidency of the southern province.