2 Jun 2014

No arrests yet in New Caledonia over US$34m damage to nickel plant

12:39 pm on 2 June 2014

More than a week after demonstrators caused 34 million US dollars worth of damage to the Vale nickel plant in New Caledonia, police are yet to make arrests.

Last Saturday, an unidentified group vandalised Vale offices and burned out machinery and vehicles, amid calls for the six-billion US dollar plant to be shut for good because of repeated acid spills.

Work at the site in Goro was suspended almost a month ago after yet another acid spill into the environment, which led to days of violent protests near Noumea last week.

The police in New Caledonia say investigations into who is responsible for the vandalism at the plant are ongoing.

They say they are speaking with tribes in the Southern Province on the issue but would not give any other details.

The provincial government has given the go-ahead for the plant to resume operations.