27 May 2014

Doctor says PNG health aid lost to corruption

10:28 am on 27 May 2014

An Australian doctor who has been working in Papua New Guinea says it is going to be impossible for the country to meet any of their Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Australia's Minister of Foreign Affairs recently expressed concern that PNG had regressed in key areas such as health, despite an increase in aid funding over the years.

Dr Merrilee Frankish agrees the delivery of health services in PNG is deteriorating and corruption is partly to blame.

There's a bit of dispute over the actual distribution of that money and so now those poor health centres have actually got less money than they ever had. Many many people have been sacked for corruption but they're all being paid in their former positions while they dispute that in court. And I believe there are over 170 people being paid for positions but they're not actually working. So that just blocks up and it just makes the whole department grind to a halt.

An Australian doctor Merrilee Frankish