26 May 2014

Nauru couple mystified by visa withdrawal

9:46 am on 26 May 2014

A Nauru MP says there has been no explanation for why his wife's Nauru visa was withdrawn by the government.

Roland Kun says his family is now settling into life in New Zealand where his wife, Katy, has got work after several months of unemployment on Nauru.

He says she had been a parliamentary counsel until the new government came to power last year and also served as an advisor to Bendigo Bank when it was thinking about setting up services on Nauru.

Mr Kun, who is one of three MPs expelled from Parliament after the government claimed they were undermining Nauru internationally, says they have not been told why the visa was withdrawn.

"There's been statements made in Parliament that Katy has been badmouthing the government and has been sabotaging government in her role as advisor to Bendigo Bank when Bendigo Bank was looking at establishing a presence on the island. This of course is nonsense."

Roland Kun says the government needed a scapegoat when Bendigo Bank pulled out.