23 May 2014

CNMI governor worried about Saipan casino plan

2:45 pm on 23 May 2014

The Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands says he hopes two lawsuits against the Saipan casino bill will not derail the project.

A citizen Glenn Hunter and a lawyer, Ramon Quichocho, have sued the CNMI government for passing the Saipan casino law, arguing that the law violates the Open Government Act and the territory's Constitution.

Revenue from the future casino is projected to restore the struggling pension fund for retirees, for whom payments have been deferred.

Eloy Inos says the project should be given a chance because it will also benefit other CNMI islands and help fund utility rates and education as well.

The winning bid in the minimum two-billion US dollar integrated casino resort project will have to pay 30 million up front for the first and fifth years of the license for the Saipan casino project.

The two competing companies have already paid a one million dollar deposit each.

The winning bid on June the 19th will have to pay 30 million US dollars.