22 May 2014

Party over for members of leading PNG political grouping

2:11 pm on 22 May 2014

A Papua New Guinea cabinet minister has defended his and three other MPs decision to leave the Triumph Heritage and Empowerment party led by Don Polye.

The Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa, the Higher Education Minister Delilah Gore, Labour and Industial Relations Minister Benjamin Poponawa and MP David Arore have all left the disintegrating THE party.

It comes after Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's March sacking of the party leader Don Polye as the Treasurer and his subsequent move to the Opposition.

The THE party emerged from the last election as PNG's second biggest political grouping, but Mr Tomuriesa says in-house politics have become unsustainable.

"We tried our very best to deal with it in-house. We had numerous meetings but the party leader wants to hold on to the party and doesn't want to discuss certain issues that are affecting the running of the party internally."

Douglas Tomuriesa