23 May 2014

First refugees resettled in Nauru

5:56 am on 23 May 2014

The first group of asylum seekers found to be refugees in Nauru have been moved out into the community.

The Nauru government says 13 people including three families and four single men were granted refugee status this week while seven were rejected.

Sally Round reports

Under Australia's tough new approach to asylum seekers, Nauru agreed last year to resettle those in its camps found to be genuine refugees. The Nauru government says the refugee families including one from Iran are being housed at a lodge and the single men are at a separate site and they will be moved to more permanent accommodation later. The government says resettled refugees are free to move around the island, find jobs and be part of the community. It has put in place a "buddy" system to help them integrate. The government is due to hand down decisions on 21 more people this week. More than a thousand people including children are in Nauru's asylum seeker camps awaiting judgement on their status.