21 May 2014

NZ MP pleased Papua programme shelved

7:13 am on 21 May 2014

The New Zealand opposition MP Catherine Delahunty says she is glad New Zealand's planned community policing training programme in Indonesia's Papua region has been shelved.

The Eastern Indonesia Community Policing Programme had been slated for early 2014.

But New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says Indonesia has advised that it is not able to support the project at this time.

Its future depends initially on the national government that emerges in Indonesia following this year's elections.

Ms Delahunty has opposed the plan as being misguided from the time it was announced three years ago, as well as earlier incarnations of the programme.

She's interested to know how the government will move from here.

"What will New Zealand offer West Papua? Why aren't we taking a more responsible approach than proposing this, spending money on it and then the Indonesians don't even want it. It just sounds like it's been mismanaged from start to finish."

New Zealand MP Catherine Delahunty