15 May 2014

Nauru speaker investigates move to suspend MPs

7:35 pm on 15 May 2014

Nauru opposition MPs say the parliamentary speaker is investigating whether moves to suspend them from parliament are within the law.

The government voted to suspend Roland Kun, Kieren Keke and Mathew Batsiua on Tuesday, accusing them of damaging Nauru's reputation in the international media.

The MPs have spoken out about what they see as poor governance by the Baron Waqa led government including interference with the rule of law.

Mr Batsiua says it would be reassuring if legal advice came from an independent institution like the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

He says the motion requires the MPs to apologise in parliament over their statements and he will not do that.

"Absolutely not. I mean I'm not going to trade my principles and my beliefs for something that I think is not only unlawful but is just rubbish."

Mr Batsiua says many Nauru people are outraged that their elected representatives are being stifled and there were protests outside parliament again today.