13 May 2014

Calls for air control tower at American Samoa airport

1:41 pm on 13 May 2014

There are calls for an air control tower to be built at American Samoa's Pago Pago International Airport following a near collision between a helicopter and a plane.

A report of the aborted landing of a Polynesian Airlines flight to avoid collision with a helicopter over a week ago has been filed with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Meanwhile, a Representative Taotasi Archie Soliai has requested an investigation into the incident.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says there has been a lot of discussion about installing a control tower.

"In addition to asking for an investigation of the incident Representative Taotasi Archie Soliai says that this gives reason for the American Samoa Government to press for federal aviation administration funding to set up its own control tower."

American Samoa correspondent, Monica Miller.