13 May 2014

Solomons concerns over occupied schools

6:05 am on 13 May 2014

The Chairman of the Honiara City Council's Education Committee, Eric Tema, says he needs national government guidance on what to do with flood victims who are still in council schools.

He says that six weeks after the flooding disaster students at Mbokonavera and Panatina schools are still not able to resume classes because victims continue to occupy the facility.

Mr Tema says while his committee feels sympathy for the flood victims, they are also worried about the students' education because their parents or guardians have already paid fees for the first semester of 2014.

In another development, Mr Tema says following the passing of a new council ordinance, flood victims whose homes were destroyed will not yet be allowed yet to start rebuilding houses.

He says Council staff and personnel from the Department of Lands will soon inspect the Koa Hill area to mark out sites which can be used to build new homes.

Mr Tema says under the new river bank ordinance, people will need to build homes seven metres from the river banks.