12 May 2014

Turned down CNMI casino prospect may protest

2:14 pm on 12 May 2014

A Hong Kong casino business is considering a protest in the Northern Marianas after missing out on a licence for a new casino.

Marianas Stars Entertainment was rejected by the Lottery Commission for an exclusive licence to develop a minimum $2 billion US dollar casino resort on Saipan.

The investor claims it met the deposit deadline to deposit $30 million dollars in escrow.

But the Lottery Commission chair Sixto Igisomar, and fellow commission member Larrisa Larson, say there was no deposit in the bank by May the 5th.

Marianas Stars Entertainment has not yet shown proof of its payment by the deadline.

Last Friday, the Bank of Guam wrote to the Governor, Eloy Inos, confirming the rival applicant, Best Sunshine International, deposited their money on May the 3rd.