12 May 2014

More labour mobility vital for Pacific

5:40 am on 12 May 2014

The World Bank says more labour mobility in the Pacific is the best way to tackle the region's growing employment challenges.

In a new report, the Bank says strategies are needed to create employment opportunities, especially for women and the Pacific's burgeoning youth population.

A Bank economist, Suva-based Tobias Haque, says the fact most Pacific economies are very small and remote means private sector activity within those countries is under a lot of pressure.

He says because of these pressures the priority must be to allow workers to move to markets facing fewer constraints.

"Which is larger markets. Obviously there is a strong history for Pacific labour mobility to New Zealand and Australia and we are suggesting that that should be expanded and in the longer term I suppose there are other large markets, Asia etc that could also be looked at."

Tobias Haque.