5 May 2014

PDP keen to stay ahead of Fiji regime

1:43 pm on 5 May 2014

Fiji's People's Democratic Party says it will have to remain one step ahead of the Fiji regime as it sets up its apparatus for the general election.

The party elected a staunch regime critic and long-time union chief, Felix Anthony, as its leader over the weekend and it is now looking at setting up offices in Lautoka and around the country.

The party's General Secretary, Aman Ravindra-Singh, says the party has been under significant pressure since the start and Mr Anthony resigned from his union post under duress.

He says others who are very much part of the party are still not able to declare themselves as members because of draconian decrees.

"What we have unfortunately is a regime which continues to change the goalposts and it's specifically targeting trade unionists. It is plainly clear that the harrassment has continued and the PDP has in particular been singled out and we have been put under a lot of strain."

Aman Ravindra-Singh of Fiji's People's Democratic Party.