26 Apr 2014

Big changes in Niue Cabinet

7:31 am on 26 April 2014

Niue's Premier Toke Talagi has announced a four member cabinet, demoting two MPs from his previous administration.

The line-up, which includes Mr Talagi, is comprised of Pokotoa Lalotoa Sipeli, who was in the last cabinet, along with a close relative Billy Graham Talagi and Dalton Tagelagi.

Mr Tagelagi is a first term MP.

Two former ministers - Halene Kupa Magatogia and Joan Viliamu have been given assistant minister posts, as has Talaititama Talaiti.

The PACNEWS agency reports the new ministers took their oath of allegiance Friday morning.

Mr Talagi was re-elected by the legislature on Thursday defeating Stanley Kaulani by 12 votes to eight.