22 Apr 2014

Impact of Guam military build-up less dramatic

4:04 am on 22 April 2014

A US military study on the potential impact of a proposed relocation of US Marines from Japan to Guam says the island's population will increase by about 10,000 residents as a result of the build-up.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the number is significantly lower than a 2010 estimate, which predicted close to 80,000 new residents at the peak of the military build-up.

The 1,400-page Supplemental Environment Impact Statement also states that a longer buildup period will take 13 years of moderate construction, instead of seven years of compressed construction that had previously been planned.

The statement also says the military will no longer need to acquire any non-military land, as a proposed live-fire range will be moved to Guam's existing Air Force base.