22 Apr 2014

Vanuatu government summonsed over fishermen's compo claim

4:04 am on 22 April 2014

Vanuatu's Supreme Court has summoned the government to attend a conference in chambers over a judicial review of a huge compensation claim by the Vanuatu Fishermen's Association.

The Prime Minister Moana Carcasses has been named first defendant, and the government second defendant.

Don Wiseman has more:

"The Fisherman's Association is seeking a billion vatu or about 10 million US dollars in wages for 1,131 members who have outstanding wages from more than 20 years ago. The company employing them shut down but the fishermen say they were assured the government would cover their wages. A government commission of inquiry into the claim has recommended the fishermen be paid. But the government wants to set up another committee to further verify the claims - the fishermen say it is just a delaying tactic."