18 Apr 2014

Blunt force head trauma caused NZ policeman Kali Fungavaka's death

12:32 pm on 18 April 2014

A Tongan court has been told that a New Zealand policeman, Kali Fungavaka, died in custody in Tonga two years ago after suffering skull fractures.

Matangi Tonga reports that the pathologist confirmed that injuries inflicted on the neck, including strangulation, also contributed to Mr Fungavaka's death.

Indira Moala reports.

"On the eighth day of trial into Kali Fungavaka's death, a pathologist Dr Fintan Garavan presented a power point showing multiple skull fractures, subdural haemorrhage and bruises to the interior of the brain in multiple areas, neck injuries including bone fracture and bruising inside, alongside multiple bruising and abrasions on other parts of his body showing blunt force trauma. The five police officers on trial for Mr Fungavaka's death elected to be tried by a judge alone and have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter with an alternative charge of grievous bodily harm."