16 Apr 2014

FAA suggests fine for Hawaiian Airlines for failing to comply with directive

7:59 am on 16 April 2014

The US Federal Aviation Administration says Hawaiian Airlines went eight years without properly inspecting certain components of one of its planes used for commercial flights.

The FAA is suggesting a fine of nearly 548,000 US dollars for the Honolulu-based airline.

Airline and FAA officials say the company asked for an informal meeting to discuss the matter.

Hawaiian flies from Honolulu to American Samoa, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia.

The agency says Hawaiian didn't comply with a 2000 directive that established inspections of specific engine thrust reverser components.

FAA officials say Hawaiian operated a Boeing 767-300 on more than 5,000 flights without complying with the directive.

The agency says a 2012 inspection found Hawaiian records wrongly said the directive didn't apply to the aircraft.

An airline spokeswoman declined to comment on the allegations but says Hawaiian's first priority is safety.