15 Apr 2014

Niue business says election result bodes well for development

4:33 am on 15 April 2014

The chair of the Chamber of Commerce in Niue, Avi Rubin, says he expects the country to continue to move in a positive direction after the weekend election..

Toke Talagi, who has been Premier for the past six years, came second in the common roll stakes.to businessman Stanley Kalauni.

The 14 village seats remain intact apart from Makefu, which voted out a Talagi supported MP, and Toi village, where the standing candidate tied with a challenger.

Avi Rubin says either of the top two pollers, Toke Talagi and Stanley Kalauni, would be good for business.

"I'm quite happy because both top-running candidates have both backgroud in the private sector, so for the private sector they will both be good, I'm quite sure. They understand business and they are both successful, so regardless of who will take the leadership I believe that Niue will continue and the direction is good."

Avi Rubin says it's difficult to predict who will eventually lead the country, as support appears to be split down the middle, and the winner of Toi village may hold the balance of power