14 Apr 2014

Long serving Niue MP says Talagi will still have numbers

8:01 pm on 14 April 2014

A Niue MP says he still expects Toke Talagi to have the numbers to rule as Premier, despite failing to poll the highest on the common roll at Niue's weekend general election.

Businessman Stanley Kalauni got the most votes on the common roll with Mr Talagi coming in second.

The 14 village seats remain intact apart from Makefu, which voted out a Talagi supported MP, and Toi village, where the standing candidate tied with a challenger.

But Fisa Pihigia, who won his Tupapa village seat, says he remains a supporter of Toke Talagi, and still expects to see him get the numbers to govern.

"Because Stanley [Kalauni] has topped the common roll doesn't mean that he's going to lead the new government. It's up to the members of the assembly, and looking at the members, Toke has the number, maybe just one or two, with one undecided, that's the seat for Toi, because of the equal votes up there."

Fisa Pihigia says even if the Toi seat goes to the opposition, he thinks Mr Talagi will still manage to have a majority of supporters in the legislative assembly.