14 Apr 2014

Vanimo people live in fear of Indonesian army, says PNG MP

11:29 am on 14 April 2014

A Papua New Guinea MP says people in his electorate, Vanimo Green, live in constant fear of cross-border incursions by Indonesia's military.

Belden Namah, who is also PNG's opposition leader, says the government has failed to provide adequate military and police capabilities to protect the border.

Ongoing Indonesian efforts to hunt down members of the OPM Free West Papua Movement recently spilled over into PNG again with another shootout between Indonesian troops and the rebels.

Mr Namah says Indonesian military have established their presence at various points in PNG including Vanimo.

"On some occasions, if not most of the occasions, they go and burn down houses. They threaten PNG citizens with guns whether for shielding OPMs or for whatever reason. So our people on the border, they live in fear all of the time. Papua New Guinea (government) should come out and make an open statement. Because, if we do not make a clear cut decision on the issue of West Papua, this problem is still going to exist."

Belden Namah